Cosmetic raw materials heralds the era of green

April 28th, 2012

article by Tracy

In recent years, cosmetics increasingly serious security issues from the residue of surfactant Johnson dioxane to the king and the ZPT storm event, a series of security problems of cosmetic products, cosmetic raw materials for the issues of public caused security a major concern in China, the production of cosmetics was also performed on the “green revolution”. It is from the Shenzhen International Cosmetics, an exhibition of personal care products and household goods (PCHi2011) research, natural, organic green appeal has has become a raw material for cosmetics trends.Today two great natural and organic cosmetics in Europe and North America, the core care market in France, a poll showed that 37% of consumers with natural, organic, natural, organic cosmetics, with the intention to buy up to 87% of consumers, and this trend is increasingly Asia.Five years , the world’s small number of natural and organic products on the market, but now the market has a lot of similar products turnaround occurred in 2008, when many brands are some natural and organic products, astaxanthin as a handle for the introduction of the Bio Bio Pomegranate and have introduced two systems almond extract cosmetics. The natural tendency of the organic growth in Asia has been made, may be in addition to the popular concept of natural birth and the next trend – the plant extracts, because the drug only a few plant extracts can have a natural claim. The approval for the many concepts These were similar in a short time in the situation gave birth to a huge market, due to the organic nature to a more secure, moderate.Chinese cosmetic raw material suppliers willing to take this opportunity are glutathione-green flag, the raw materials, the part of the surfactant have been made more modest claim, and the other part is the third-party products, to provide reliable data for testing or natural and organic certification. Materials research and development into the concept of great importance for the green, are green all materials, cosmetic applications is a big trend, many companies have combined annual sales last year 5% of R & D, green materials are a focus of research development and management of these companies have made a great achievement. A company that recently developed a new type of amino acid surfactants, mild to the SLS, SLES, surfactants and other more moderate secure.Meanwhile, according to the development trend of green materials, cosmetics, before housing research, with in the next few years, commercial products dioxane demand for raw materials and other substances are gradually reduced, while the CAB and the amino acid surfactant and other green materials will become increasingly popular. But with the growing demand for environmentally friendly materials is green raw material prices to some degree, the material of cosmetics, such as prices for vegetables, base camp climb since early February this year was 30-40 increased%, while the fatty acids is within one year of price 11 yuan / kg increases to 26 yuan / kg or more than 100%.

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