Clothes Haul

April 21st, 2012 BLOG Twitter: Dear FTC: I bought everything shown in this video. Especially my braunza! Not enough brauuunza Can! PS: I have the panties just for you … for infants. ~ Mel
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25 Responses to “Clothes Haul”

  1. lisa cooper says:

    what kind of work do you do? are you in school?

  2. Gsqurl43va says:


  3. NikiGore says:

    You look like a mix of Gigi and Nicole

  4. mellykaiser says:

    I hate/love ugg boots I think they are sooo ugly but I love them they are soo comfy!!!

  5. prettyybxtchhh says:

    I love yur hair!!! even if theyre extensions – they look great!! believe me Ive seen some bad looking ones – ew. haha ;]

  6. MariaLynnBanaszak says:


  7. baylee185 says:

    where’d you get your necklace??

  8. Juciycouturestar101 says:

    wat was the song at the beginnig?

  9. Amy4598 says:

    Where did you get your batwing shirts? Or where can I find some like the ones you got? PLEAASE HELP :)

  10. nerdymodelchick says:

    those are jeggings

  11. LongHairLongLashes says:

    59 people have a stick in thier ass HOW COULD YOU NOT LOVE THIS GIRL! <3

  12. CauseImSoOverYou says:

    Snooks, where you been girl?

  13. apugs21xoxo says:

    u look like u should be on jshore

  14. 19SaRaHdAvIs says:

    9:34-9:37 ahahahahhaha

  15. katrinawithfanta says:

    have you whitened your teeth?

  16. Pinoyicious says:

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  17. xxRondaxxBurkexx says:

    I love the way you say ” all ” .

  18. bubblegumsmilex0 says:

    i LOVE uggs! 

  19. demilovato598 says:

    lol u loolike ashley tisdale kinda!!!!

  20. dranaribaby1 says:

    “and idk y my hair looks much this lighting..kinda like it.. ooooohhhhh” lmfao this chick is hilarious!

  21. Mexxiish says:

    ” I really dont give a shit ” ahaha

  22. xxjamiexx38a says:

    You look like GiGi from Jerseylicious (:

  23. mannyboo44 says:

    Do you no if theres a website you can order those kind of shirts like with the bat wing? cause i live in utah and i literally cant find them anywhere for some reason. so if there online stores that have that kinn’a cut?

  24. 31209jenny says:

    ur so cute and watching ur viddss ur very interesting and fun to watch

  25. lialyhamood says:

    love you girl, you are so cute and funny ..

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